Zookeeper Education Requirements

A zookeeper is one who is employed in zoo parks, animal care centers, biological parks, etc to serve the animal requirements, feed them when required, and ensure that their body conditions are proper. The zookeeper also protects the animals from being hunted down by humans and enables a safe and secure environment for their living. Candidates who would like to become zookeepers can take up courses in zoology, general animal sciences, biology, veterinary science, animal health care, etc. Candidates should also be able to sense the behavior of animals and respond to their needs as and when necessary.

Candidates should be comfortable rearing animals and being in their presence for long durations. Candidates would be expected to treat the animals with care and employ safety procedures while handling them. The following are the education requirements, training requirements, necessary certifications and salary details for the role of a zookeeper.

Zookeeper Educational Requirements

  • There is no mandatory education that is imposed from prospective candidates who would like to become zookeepers. However they would be expected to possess the knowledge of behavior and needs of various animals.
  • Candidates would be expected to rear animals day in and day out. So they need to learn the food habits and nutrition requirements of animals.
  • Candidates who have knowledge in treating minor ailments of animals would be given preference over the others.

Zookeeper Degree, Courses, and Certification

Candidates who are eyeing the position of a zookeeper can enroll into any of the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Science – Biology
  • Bachelor of Science – Zoology
  • Bachelor of Science – Animal Sciences
  • Career Diploma – Veterinary Assistant
  • MS in Health Care Administration

Zookeeper Qualifications and Training

Candidates need not take up any particular certification courses in order to become a zookeeper. They would alternatively be expected to have work experience of feeding and nurturing animals and ensuring their regular health care needs. Candidates should have good presence of mind and have knowledge about their feeding and reproductive processes.

Zookeeper Colleges and Universities

Zookeeper Wages and Salaries

Candidates who would like to become zookeepers should possess at least 1-4 years of minimum relevant work experience. According to the National Salary data salary projections done by Pay Scale, the estimated salary for a zookeeper is stated at $15,000 to $38,000 per year. The median compensation is $25,000 per annum. These salary estimates are given out after conducting massive salary research in the United States.

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