Youth Worker Trainee Education and Job Requirements

Youth Worker Trainee Requirements

A Youth worker trainee can work in social service centres for training the youth on various social issues. They may also assist young students on career related queries. They not only provide support through information, they also give them emotional support and motivate them to achieve their dreams. Most of such institutions where a youth worker trainee works are all government driven. A youth worker trainee can work as a part time, full time, or a freelance profession while also pursuing their career opportunities. However there is no dearth of opportunities to want to dedicate their whole time in this sector. The following are the education requirements and job requirements of a youth worker trainee.

Education Requirements:

  • There is no mandatory or formal education necessity to become a youth worker trainee. But most employers insist on possessing a Bachelor’s or master degree in sociology and/or psychology.
  • There are also various vocational training programs where a prospective youth worker trainee can nurture their skills to perform their job responsibilities well. Certification to start working as youth worker can also work in favour of the candidate during recruitment and selection process.
  • Any kind of social work or participation in youth initiatives is a major plus while undergoing selection.

Job Requirements:

  • A youth worker trainee to develop leadership and inspirational skills to motivate the youth to pursue their goals.
  • They should plan, design, develop, and execute youth initiatives. These not only provide hands on experience, but also help the candidate’s ability to face implementation hurdles in such programs.
  • A youth worker trainee should have knowledge of various educational fields and mainly addresses poverty and unemployment problems.

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