Youth Programs Social Worker Education and Job Requirements

Youth Programs Social Worker Requirements

The work of a youth programs social worker is very interesting. It involves assisting the young people via consulting in career services. The professional also aims at providing the mental support to the youth and guiding them to build up a strong personality. There are various training related modules and courses for the youth and these are monitored or supervised by the youth programs social worker. On most of the occasions, the professional works for a government supported agency. But he/she also has the alternative to work for a privately owned platform or management company to provide the necessary service to the young people. The detailed points that are mentioned below are fair indicators about the education and job requirements for this particular post that may be helpful to the concerned recruiter.

Education requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in social work or sociology or vocational studies from a reputed institute with at least second class grades is a must.
  • A master’s degree in social work or related field with at least second class grades from an accredited institute works highly in favor of the candidate.
  • Certified training in the youth development and training related courses is a plus.

Job requirements:

  • A minimum experience of 1 year in an esteemed organization.
  • Designing strategies to organize youth events and training camps for providing vocational training and mental support to develop personality.
  • The candidate should possess excellent communication and coordination skills.
  • Must be able to focus on specific issues – drug addiction, unemployment, co-curricular activities etc.

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