Wireless Technician Education and Job Requirements

Wireless Technician Requirements

The main responsibility of a wireless technician is to develop and maintain the wireless system incorporated in a particular infrastructure of an entity. Examples of various wireless instruments can be marine radios, beepers, mobile phones, satellite gadgets etc. The wireless technician tests the features of the digital equipments of primarily network systems and locates failures, if any, and mends the technical faults. The wireless technician also manages several aspects of the equipments belonging to the personal communication domain. A strong knowledge of both electronics and computer science and its optimized application help a wireless technician to become efficient in his/her field.

Education requirements:

  • A high school diploma with good grades in any stream from a renowned educational institute.
  • An under-graduate degree in electronics or in any subject closely related to the field from a good college is mandatory.
  • The interested applicants, though not required,  with master’s degree in electronics or wireless communication system studies would be definitely having an edge over others.
  • Certified training in maintenance of wireless equipments from an accredited institute would be an added advantage.

Job requirements:

  • A minimum experience of at least 18 to 24 months in a reputed company or agency at a position of a wireless technician.
  • Must be able to proficiently identify the technical defects of the wireless equipments.
  • Must possess ample expertise in developing and maintaining the features of the wireless equipments.
  • Should be fluent in interpreting the digital designs of the network and the personal communication systems.
  • Must be hard-working.

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