Windows System Administrator Education Requirements

A Windows system administrator education requirement should focus on the specific needs of students. Education for a windows system administrator should revolve around understanding the Windows system environment. There are several aspects of learning concerned with the role of a windows system administrator and the education should not only impart knowledge but also create practical working environments. The education requirements can change according to the choice a student makes but the core area should be working and managing Windows servers and handling performance based and stability issues of the environment.

There are several educational options available for an aspiring Windows system administrator. You can focus on a specific area of the Windows system environment or gain knowledge on the entire Windows system environment.

Windows System Administrator Education Requirements:

  • An aspiring Windows System Administrator needs to hold a bachelor or associate degree in computer science or computer engineering or systems programming.


  • Windows System Administrator can also complete an associate degree in computer science, server programming or systems programming to strengthen their educational qualifications.


  • A certification course from Microsoft is necessary to pursue a career as a Windows system administrator.

Windows System Administrator Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A Windows system administrator can undertake following under graduate or graduate degree programs as well as certification courses to add credentials to their profile.

  • High school degree or diploma with high percentage preferably from science background.


  • Bachelor or Associate degree in computer science, computer engineering, or system programming.


  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) certification.


  • Other certifications like Windows Server 2008 – Server Administrator certification, Microsoft Certified System Engineer certification (MCSE), Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP), and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS).

Windows System Administrator Qualification and Training:

Windows system administrator education needs to be complemented with hands-on training, which you can get when enrolled for the Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator certification (MCSA) course. Most practical assignments will help you to troubleshoot Windows system environment issues, working with MSSQL and MySQL, maintaining open database connectivity, troubleshooting SMTP, SNTP, SNMP, FTP, POP, SSH, SSL, HTTPS, HTTP, SFTP, telnet, RDP, DNS, ICMP, TCP, and UDP.

Windows System Administrator Colleges and Universities:

Windows System Administrator Wages and Salaries:

Windows system administrator salary varies from $49,167 to $76,400 per annum while the annual average varies from one state to another. The average Windows system administrator salary in California is $87,000, in Texas it is $76,000, and in North Carolina it is $78,000.

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