Wind Energy Engineer Education and Job Requirements

Wind Energy Engineer Requirements

Wind Energy Engineer Education and Job Requirements is a write up which talks about the educational qualifications needed to get a job of a Wind Energy Engineer and also about the kind of skills and personality attributes one should have to be eligible to apply to this post. A wind Energy Engineer is an Engineer with a specialisation in the field of wind energy harnessing and systems and development of methods, systems and machines related to Wind energy implementation.

One needs to satisfy the following to be eligible to apply to a post of a Wind Energy Engineer:

Education Qualification:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in either Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering is a must.
  • A person with an Mtech. Degree in the fields mentioned shall always be a preferred choice for the employers.
  • One should be competitive and well aware of the latest technologies, terminologies and machines used in this field of work.
  • Experience of 2-3 years in power generation work set up could be an easy way to get through the job.

Job Requirements:

  • The candidate must be well versed with the methods used to generate wind energy and the technicalities of the machines and equipments used.
  • Must be able to provide technical support to the designers of wind turbines and other such fields.
  • Must have detailed centric and comprehensive analytical skills to perform the different kinds of tasks needed.
  • Must be able to make models and designs and do technical documentation whenever required.

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