Wildlife Management Education and Job Requirements

Wildlife Management Requirements

There are various approaches to wild life management. It begins with preservation, conservation and proper management for sustenance of the animals. One of the most difficult of the above mentioned ones it the management of wildlife. The main goal of wildlife management is to maintain the population of endangered wildlife animals along with reducing the population of undesired species. The person handling wildlife needs to have knowledge of aspects such as ecology, zoology, ornithology etc. A person desiring to build a career in wildlife management can be ideally suited for positions like Education Officer, Zookeeper, Veterinary Nurse, Tour Guide or Interpretation Officer depending on the educational qualification that they have acquired.

Educational Requirements

  • The candidate should have completed basic education with biology or zoology as major subjects.
  • A bachelor’s degree in wildlife management is most desirable.
  • A candidate having a master’s degree in wildlife management and related specialties is also highly preferred.
  • A candidate that has certification in wildlife management is most preferred for this job.
  • A candidate having a degree in captive husbandry will also be most suitable for this opportunity.
  • A candidate holding a formal course certification in veterinary nursing will also be given a lot of preference.

Job Requirements

  • The candidate should ideally have exposure to all the species of animals, birds, mammals etc along with their habitats.
  • The candidates having love for animals will be fit for this opportunity.
  • The candidate should possess a lot of patience to deal with all species of animals.
  • The candidate should be willing to take up all arduous works associated with the management of animals.

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