Wholesale Merchandiser Education and Job Requirements

Wholesale Merchandiser Requirements

The wholesale merchandiser focuses on selling the manufactured goods to the big wholesalers or the wholesale retailers. The wholesale merchandiser has the responsibility to contact the wholesale retailers and market the goods and negotiate business deals with them at profitable rates. The difference between the selling price of the goods to the wholesalers and the manufacturing cost is the profit for the wholesale merchandiser. On certain occasions, the wholesale merchandiser leads a team of workers in contacting and selling the goods to the wholesalers. The professional needs to have excellent communication skills and also a knack for keeping documented tab of daily business activities.

Education requirements:

  • A high school diploma in any stream from a good educational institute with decent grades.
  • An undergraduate degree in trade related merchandise studies from a reputed college would be highly in favor of the candidate.
  • Certified training in merchandise related wholesaling from an accredited institute is of great advantage.

Job requirements:

  • A minimum experience of 12 to 14 months in wholesale merchandising of a brander product would be beneficial.
  • Should be aware of the current market situations and the preferential maps of the consumers in order to offer them the best deals.
  • Must ensure the quality of the product and the related dynamics while passing it on from the manufacturing unit to the customer.
  • The candidate must possess ample expertise in marketing and selling of brands.
  • Should have good capacity of documenting the business activities on a regular basis.

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