What Type Of Education Is Required For A Graphic Designer?

Graphic designing has become a very popular and lucrative career option in these days as there are so many fields where one can work and show his creativity and technical skills if he has a degree in this area.

A graphic designer designs and creates various types of matter from print, electronic media or multimedia which can be anything from newspapers, magazines, TV graphics, movies graphics logos and websites. They work for publishing houses, gaming agencies, ad firms, design companies etc where they produce what they client needs for a particular purpose.

In order to become a graphic designer, one can follow this path of education:

  • Most companies want the graphic designer to have at least a high school degree after which they can specialize in graphic designing
  • You can join a vocational institute which offers professional courses and do a certificate course or get an associate’s degree in graphic designing. This will however help you get an assistant or entry-level position and so it is always better to aim higher
  • A bachelor’s degree in graphic designing is the best option because here you will get a comprehensive idea of the various techniques used in graphic designing for specific multimedia, the new developments and trends in this field
  • You can also opt for a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in graphic design that is offered by some colleges
  • These degrees consist of 4 years and will give you knowledge in subjects like drawing, typography, computer software and tools, digital media, photography, book design etc
  • You must also make sure that you keep yourself up to date on what is happening in this field so that you can employ those styles in your designs. Also polish your creativity and work on your business skills if you want to work independently as a freelancer

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