What Kind Of Education Is Needed For Aerospace Engineering?

Aerospace engineering is a specialized form of engineering where the student learns the different principles of designing, developing and testing aerospace machines like planes, missiles and space ships. Since it requires where intricate work, most aerospace engineers specialize in only one type of vehicle like passenger aircraft or space satellites to name a few.

Aerospace engineering is a combination of aeronautical engineering, which mainly deals with the technology behind aircraft, and astronautical engineering, which is concerned with space vehicles. These engineers create the engines, communication devices or navigation equipment needed in an aircraft.

These are the basic educational requirements that one must meet in order to become an aerospace engineer:

  • Since high school level you should be good at subjects like math, physics, chemistry and statistics because they will form the basics of aerospace engineering studies later on
  • You will need a bachelor’s degree in engineering which will take 4 to five years depending on where you do your undergraduate studies from
  • You can choose your major in any of the following subjects – aerospace engineering, astronautical engineering and aeronautical engineering
  • For specific jobs, you may need to go for special certificate courses or additional studies which will give you more knowledge on a certain machine or equipment related to aerospace engineering
  • Since there are constant changes and developments in this field, one needs to keep studying and keep themselves updated on the various technologies throughout their careers
  • You will also need to get a license to work in this position and for that you must pass your engineering studies from an accredited institute, have at least 4 years’ experience in working as an engineer and clear the state certification exam
  • There are some companies for which you will have to clear a test conducted by them in order to get to get the job

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