What is the importance of physical education

It is important that a child gets all round growth at a both intellectual and physical level and schools play a big role in providing that. Just like education and academics are important for the development of a child, physical education and fitness is equally crucial to create a well-rounded personality and also maintain the health of the child.

Hence schools have a major contribution towards ensuring that the child gets good physical training by encouraging him to participate in sports of different kinds, exercise, physical activities, extra-curricular competitions etc which will make the child more active, develop team spirit and sportsmanship and also make him more strong and healthy. It is more important to include physical education in the curriculum because nowadays children are leading a more sedentary lifestyle and eat more fast food instead of fresh organic food.

Here are a more reasons which will show why physical education is important:

  • It makes one healthy and fit which is crucial for children who are still in their growing stage and need to develop their bones and muscles
  • Physical education also includes education about diet and what kind of foods are healthy foods so that children and adolescents can make a healthy choice and choose to eat things which are beneficial for them
  • When one plays sports and does exercise, it improves his cognitive and motor skills and teaches the importance of discipline, control and punctuality
  • Most physical education programs include playing lots of sports and that teaches the children how to build sportsmanship and work as a team which will help then later in life too
  • Children who are obese get a chance to practice different kinds of sports which makes them more healthy and boosts their confidence
  • There are many students who may not be brilliant in academics but are very good in sports and if they get good scores they have a chance of getting a scholarship and physical education helps to motivate them to perform better and encourage them to take up sports
  • Hygiene is also important to prevent many diseases and physical education teaches different aspects of maintaining hygiene that can be utilized and applied throughout our life
  • Physical education is also important for boosting self-esteem among children and promotes physically active lifestyle which will benefit them even when they get older
  • Most medical studies show how physical education can lead to a better lifestyle and make students concentrate on their studies better

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