What Is The Importance Of Agriculture Education?

Agriculture is the backbone of any country which has land that can be cultivated and with advancement in technology, we are seeing many changes being employed in the agricultural sector too to improve productivity and develop the various cultivation techniques.

Agriculture education is the study of the methods of agriculture, that is, the growing of different kinds of crops in different climates using various machines and tools and also learning how science can be used to boost the productivity using less space, time and money.

Without food grains in this world, we will have nothing to eat which will lead to future conflicts between countries. Hence countries, especially those which have a strong agrarian economy, must encourage the agricultural education programs in their colleges and universities. Here are few more reasons:

  • In today’s world with continuing development and expansion of cities, we are seeing a decrease in the size of cultivable land. Since it is a natural progression, someone needs to research ways of irrigation and how maximum number of crops can be grown using the least amount of resources, and agricultural education is one area which studies that
  • Food can be a reason for conflict between nations. The economy and the diplomatic relations are very much dependent on food production, their prices and their supply to different parts of the nation and the world. Hence there must be professionals who study the various aspects of growing food and cash crops which will boost the economy and keep a steady supply of food in the country
  • As the world is advancing, so is agriculture. Students of agricultural education have created genetically modified seeds, fertilizers and pesticides which help to get more crops that are healthier and last longer. But one must make sure that there no harmful products are used that may cause harm to the human body

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