What is Maintenance Education Requirements?

Maintenance education requirements are specific to the nature of maintenance you want to pursue as a career. The basic maintenance or general maintenance education requirements are almost the same across the industry. The education requirements change only if you are planning to pursue a niche area like aircraft maintenance or painter or construction maintenance. At the core of maintenance career lie the fact that you need to possess the right skill sets and fundamental knowledge. Most of the practical knowledge in maintenance can only be earned while completing an internship program or when working in the field and not through any specific education or course. The average salary earned by maintenance specialists in the US in different fields can vary from $34,730 to $53,220 per year.

Education Requirements For Maintenance Industry:

Maintenance is a broad area and there are several sub-areas in maintenance. The important thing to understand is that you need to identify the area of maintenance that you want to specialize in and then accordingly look for the appropriate educational program. The basic maintenance educational requirements include:

  • Bachelor Degree Program: The most common and basic educational program that will help you to pursue a maintenance career of your choice is an under graduate degree in a specific discipline. If you want to pursue aircraft maintenance then the basic education would be a 2-year or 4-year under graduate program in aviation maintenance or aviation technology followed by a technical training at an FAA-Approved aviation maintenance technician school. Similarly if you are planning to pursue general maintenance then you can opt for an under graduate program in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or computer engineering.
  • Other Educational Programs: There are several other secondary educational programs that can be pursued after completing an under graduate program. The first option is to pursue a master’s program in the relevant subject area like mechanical or electrical engineering. The second option is to pursue a certification program in a niche area like car spare parts maintenance or air-conditioning maintenance etc.

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