What is HR Education Requirements?

At the heart of HR education requirement is understanding the concepts of people management and strengthening people skills. There are some basic educational requirements for pursuing a career in HR. HR or human resources is one of the fastest growing careers and is expected to present lucrative opportunities in the near future. Human resource specialists in the US can make as much as $52,690 per year and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The job responsibilities of an HR professional vary from one organization to another and they can play multiple roles like that of employment interviewers, placement specialists, human resources generalists, labor relations specialists, and personnel recruiters. What they don’t teach in HR education is how to effectively communicate with people, which is an essential part of HR and an under-rated educational aspect.

Education Requirements For HR Industry:

If you are planning to pursue a career in HR then the following two HR educational requirements will come in handy:

  • HR Specialty: The first and foremost educational need to fulfill is an undergraduate program. If you are planning to pursue HR as a career then it always pays to identify HR as a major in your under graduate program. There are several top colleges in the US that offers Bachelor of Arts in human resource management. These under graduate courses will not only offer an insight into human resource and the industry but also impart knowledge on other aspects like staffing, global HRM requirements, Compensation and Rewards, employee retention, career management, Corporate Governance, Sociological Approaches to the industry and society and much more. The point is that an under graduate degree in HR will catapult you into the HR industry within no time.
  • Certification: The second HR educational option is to complete your under graduate education in any subject or in business management and then opt for a certification course in a specific area of HR. For example, the Certificate Program in Human Resource Management offered by UC Berkeley has been created keeping in mind the changing need of HR professionals and the industry.

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