What is Hospitality Education Requirements?

Hospitality education requirements can be classified under several categories as the education varies from one sub-industry to another. The educational requirements for the tourism industry will be different from the education requirements of the hotel or restaurant industry. There are some common points in education that you will need to take care of to be able to pursue specialty education. The hospitality industry consists of several sub-categories from the service industry like restaurants, travel and transportation, hotels and lodging, event planning and other aspects of tourism. The hospitality industry can also encompass entertainment and recreation, events, conferences, food and beverage, and housekeeping. Depending on the specific sub-category that you want to pursue, you need to choose your education accordingly.

Education Requirements For Hospitality Industry:

There are two major educational aspects that you need to consider in order to pursue a career in the hospitality industry. These include:

  • Basic Education: The basic education can be divided into two distinct categories. The first category is basic schooling and the second category is basic college. You need to complete you high school diploma so that you can attend college. Here there are two options. The first option is to complete an undergraduate or diploma program in specialty studies like hotel management and then join the hospitality industry. The second option is to complete an under graduate program in any discipline and then attend a specialty course training and certification like certification in rural tourism.
  • Advanced Education: Advanced education primarily consists of specialty areas like hotel management, restaurant management, housekeeping, chef, tourism etc. The advanced education can be received through an undergraduate program like Bachelor of Tourism Studies or through a certification course like 12-week culinary certification course. The essence of advance education is to fulfill the basic hospitality education requirements and more. After completing advanced education, you can join the industry in a hierarchically higher position.

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