What is Health Care Education Requirements?

Health care education requirements are very specific in nature and the education that you complete will help you to work within the health care industry in the US and globally. The health care industry is precariously balanced on three important areas, which include diagnosis of a disease, its treatment, and prevention in the near future. There are primary health care providers like medical practitioners, nursing etc., and there are secondary health care providers like those associated with public health. There are also tertiary health care providers like pharmacies and those working with non-governmental organizations.

Education Requirements For Health Care Industry:

There are two major educational aspects that are considered integral to health care education requirements. They include:

  • MBBS: MBBS stands for Medicinae Baccalaureus, Baccalaureus Chirurgiae and is most commonly known as a Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery. An MBBS degree is the minimum educational qualification required to pursue a career in the health care industry. On completion of an MBBS program, you will become a qualified doctor and will be conferred with the “Dr.” title. MBBS program is the most important as it covers several areas of medicine and human anatomy. Some of the areas include anatomy, bio-chemistry, physiology, medicine, obstetrics & gynecology, ophthalmology, pharmacology, pediatrics, and surgery among others. On completion of MBBS, you will be able to opt for clinical practice or pursue a career in medicinal research and development.
  • MD and Fellowship: MD is also known as a Doctor of Medicine and it is a doctoral degree. MD degree program can be completed from some of the top medical colleges in the US and these degrees are awarded by accredited medical schools only. Accreditations in the US for MD degrees are done by the American Medical Association (AMA) directly or through the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). After completion of an MD program, you will need to apply for fellowship at a medical institution. Fellowship involves medical training and is normally initiated only after completing a residency program or a medical specialty training program.

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