What is an Analyst Education Requirement

The analyst is essentially responsible for examining and assessing different kinds of data related to a specific organization. This data is of various kinds which include finance, product, market, sales and other such types related to the company project. He or she is responsible for understanding the different aspects of the given data and performing a proper analysis of it that will be helpful for the business organization. The data analyst is able to provide the company with answers to various problems and questions pertaining to the implementation of a particular project.

Hence, such a job requires proper educational foundation since the work must not contain any form of error and be as precise as possible. The data analyst must be an expert in mathematics as he needs to perform scientific and logical deductions of the data given and such skills requires advanced academic qualifications.

  • Mathematical skills are of the utmost importance and thus the potential candidate should procure a Bachelors and Masters Degree in mathematics and/ or statistics.
  • The analyst is required to have proper software programming knowledge as most of the examination and analysis of data is done with the help of different software programs. Therefore, a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science is preferable. However, the candidate can also opt for certification or diploma courses in specific software programs.
  • The candidates can also posses Business Management Degrees in both graduation and post graduation levels. This ensures that the analyst is able to identify different business requirements and apply it during detailed analysis of plans and strategies within the company.
  • Certification in Microsoft office and its different components is also important. This is important for organization of the different data provided to the analyst.
  • Professional work experience is also required along with education. Internships in different companies are helpful in boosting the educational knowledge acquired.

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