What is an Agriculture Education Requirement

Agriculture itself is a broaden term which includes cultivation of both farming and animal husbandry. This field involves a wide range of job opportunities starting with a famer job to an agricultural technologist. As there are differences in job position and its ranking, the education requirements also vary. However, the common point behind any of the job in the agriculture field is that an individual should have the potential to analyze the crop and determine the suitable conditions for raising it. Education requirement according to the job rank of an agriculture field are as follows:

  • The low level jobs must have proficient knowledge regarding livestock management and utilizable crop cultivation clubbed with a proper sense of understanding of environment suitability and techniques.
  • Candidates who wish to work as an agricultural scientist, researchers, teachers etc should initially possess a bachelor’s program of 4 years in Agricultural Science, Horticulture, Botany, Livestock Management etc. This helps in equipping the students with the practical and theoretical ideas through internships and field trips.
  • Extensive agriculture education could be acquired through Master’s degree in specific field. Most importantly, this assists in identifying the agricultural areas which are deprived of opportunities due to urbanization and industrialization.
  • Research on this field imparts education regarding phenomenal movements which marked significance global changes in the field of agriculture like global revolution etc.  Hence, such education widens the scope of a student to understand the background of the agricultural field profusely.

These days, agriculture education posed to be imperative due to its significant positioning in the environmental crisis facing the world. It has been found that worst agriculture and burning of grasslands is mainly responsible for the situation. Hence, a proper education in understanding what suitable practices could be implemented for the betterment of the agriculture is important for all who wish to work on this field, irrespective of the job rank.

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