What is a Media Education

Media education is referred to as the education which makes an amateur media literate. The media education focuses on developing a candidate with necessary knowledge about all the public media, their way of working and their ways of communication with the mass. Hence we can define media education as the process of learning about media. These days’ students do not prefer to go on the traditional education paths and they are innovating more and more education programs on the basis of professional jobs available.

Media education has become quite popular in the last decade and many students want to be a part of this creative field. There are many forms of media and the media education emphasizes on developing the skills in the candidates through which they can produce and create various types of media messages.

The purpose of any sort of media is to communicate messages to people. Hence all the modern methodologies involved in media education focus on developing these basic skills in the students. Following are some key concepts related with the media education.

  • Production is a very vital component of media, and media education must focus on teaching the importance of this component. Production refers to the ethical production of the content which is going to be distributed as the media message. Media production education considers the topics like media technologies, professional practices, access and participation etc.
  • Language is again a critical component of media education. It focuses on teaching the importance of the right communication tools for verbal and written communication.
  • Representation is also an important component that must be incorporated in media education programs. It focuses on imparting the knowledge about the usage appropriate presentation tools and methodologies for various kinds of messages. The media education students must be taught the importance of presentation techniques in order to enhance the value of their content to be presented.

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