What is a Marketing Education

The marketing concept states that the companies which are more efficient than their competitors in creating, delivering and communicating superior customer value to the chosen target markets, achieve success. Hence the marketing education focuses on the developing these skills in a candidate.

The motive of marketing education is to develop an individual with excellent sales and marketing skills who can contribute towards the development of its organization. The marketing education focuses on providing apt knowledge about marketing strategies and develops an individual who can understand and satisfy the customer’s needs.

Marketing education not only focuses on delivering the relevant subject knowledge but also focus on developing the all-round personality of the individual so that he can become an effective marketer. An effective marketing professional acts as value maximiser for the company. Hence it becomes very important to educate these candidates to implement the marketing concepts to maximize the business of their organization. Marketing education can be acquired through bachelors and masters degrees with marketing as the major subject and specialization respectively.

  • The graduate level marketing education can be acquired through business administration courses with the major subject s sales and marketing, These courses focus on developing marketing skills in candidates by teaching them about Market oriented strategic planning,  market research, consumer behavior, Demand forecasting etc.
  • The candidates can also acquire high level education in marketing through Masters Course in business administration with specialization in marketing. The candidates learn the practical aspects of marketing, the implementation of marketing concepts in the real scenarios and learn to deal with the customers. The candidates learn about marketing strategies, Competitive strategies, consumer behavior, Market segmentation, market distribution etc.
  • Apart from these formal courses providing marketing education, there are a number of short term diploma programs which focus on imparting marketing education, and education on specialized concepts in marketing.

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