What is a Manufacturing Education

Whenever we talk about manufacturing or manufacturing education, we instantly start thinking about factory situation where goods are produced in physical sense. The broader concept of manufacturing education points out to the study of large number of seemingly product based organizations functions.

There may not be specific education programs focusing on manufacturing, but the education programs related with every sector consider this manufacturing education. For example, the education program based on automobile study will have one or two subjects related with the manufacturing of automobile parts or components.

The major focus of manufacturing education is to bring together people, materials and machines in order to provide goods and services to satisfy the needs of customers.  The manufacturing education not only focuses on the basic manufacturing function, but covers all the aspects of production and manufacturing in an organization.

The general topics covered under such education programs include product selection and design study, process selection and planning study, Facilities layouts and material handling study etc. Hence, although there are no specific programs concentrating on manufacturing education at college level, but education programs in various sectors definitely provide apt manufacturing education.

  • The diploma or certificate level courses often focus on manufacturing function, and specially designed courses are provided to prepare skilled candidates as per various manufacturing methodologies. This can be considered as a very basic level manufacturing education but it produces the skilled employees who work in factories to produce goods.
  • College level education programs focusing on manufacturing education are engineering programs which impart the manufacturing and product level education in various sectors like computers, mechanics, mechanical engineering,  aeronautics, electronics etc.
  • Post-graduation level courses like Masters in business administration also focus on the management aspect related with manufacturing and production, covered under the courses like Production & Manufacturing management.

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