What is a Government Education Requirements?

Government education requirements will vary according to the position and job responsibility that you want to pursue but the basic educational requirements remains the same. A job in the US government can consist of different details and will also vary based on whether you are applying for a Federal job or a state government job. The most sought after responsibilities in the US Government are administrative in nature and will primarily be desk jobs. In such a scenario, there are specific steps that you need to follow and important areas that you need to focus on.

Education Requirements For Government Jobs:

There are several educational aspects related to government jobs. The most important are:

  • Civil Service Commission: The US Civil Service Commission recruits employees in the Federal Civil Service. Once you clear your civil service examination, you will be assigned to work with an independent agency or will be associated with any one of the 15 executive departments. Executive departments include the White House, National Security Council, Office of National Drug Control Policy etc. Independent agencies comprise of US Postal Service, NASA, CIA, FBI etc. The examination consists of administrative as well as clerical exams and has now been replaced by occupational questionnaires. Aptitude tests and verbal abilities are also an important part of the examination and you will need a combined score of 80 to be selected through US Civil Service for the government job that you want to pursue as your career.
  • Under Graduate and Post Graduate: If you are not interested in a merely administrative profile in the US government then the next best alternative is to complete your under graduate studies or post graduate studies and then apply for a government job. For example: you can complete your bachelor’s, master’s and PhD in astrophysics and join National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as a scientist or an astrophysicist.

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