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College is an important part of the educational profile of any individual who wishes to pursue a career which requires specialized knowledge and a college degree. But admission into colleges can prove to be a trying time even for bright students, as the criteria for admissions in each college differs from another. All three streams of the academics, namely humanities, science and commerce find a common ground in this regard, and thus, the requirements for getting into a reputed institution are an area which needs explication. Students must be given proper guidance as to the exact needs which they must fulfill in order to realize their dream of studying in prestigious universities of their choice, and commencing successful careers.

  • The importance of GPA when applying to colleges, in all streams, cannot be underestimated. Most colleges prefer a GPA of 3 and up, and hence this should be taken into consideration. The average GPA for most school students is 2.9 and hence, it is better if students aim at GPAs beyond this mark.
  • SAT and ACT are two tests most commonly used as a determinant for assessing the quality of students which enter colleges. The SAT score is extremely crucial as it is a determinant which is applicable for most colleges, and the exam is taken by a record number of students every year. A score upwards of 1500 is desirable for admission into reputed colleges. Sometimes, colleges are willing to overlook poor SAT scores if the GPA of the student is high and vice versa.
  • A well written statement of intent is absolutely crucial in making an impact on college admissions cell members. It is an outline of the student’s aims and intentions as far as career and research is concerned. It also reflects a lot of the characteristics which college officials look out for like desire to innovate, contribution to society and so on.



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