What is a certificate requirement

A certificate is a document which is provided at the end of a training or educational course of any kind, signifying the competence of the trainee or student in that particular field or subject of study. Since the corpus of certificates is so vast, it is difficult to determine an exact standard or one set of requirement for obtaining such certificates. However, some minimum criteria are common to most certification programs and these are mentioned below:

  • A candidate must obtain a high school degree before he can apply for any certification course. This is the basic minimum that more certification programs adhere to since school provides a student with basic skills which can be further enhanced by training or internship. The result of the training or internship is the awarding of a certificate which indicates that the candidate is now proficient in the field and can exercise his acquired skills in it.
  • Any job today requires computer and communication skills, which are provided by many institutions through the help of short training courses. These courses are then culminated in the form of a certificate of competence which can be used across the job sector. Thus, the requirements for any certificate are the demonstration of skill and proficiency in the chosen field, and completion of short courses in the field.
  • Certificates are also awarded to employee upon completion of certain duration in their employments. These are tokens of respect and recognition and thus the requirement for them is the completion of major milestones in the field of employment. These certificates also require years of dedication and hard work on the part of the employees.
  • Educational certificates are awarded to students who excel in a particular field. Often seminars and workshops award certificates based on the requirements of participation or rank. Hence, depending on the nature of the certificate, the requirements must be constructed.

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