What is a call centre education requirements

A call centre is an organization with varied functions which include the collection of data from contact records and providing after sales help [inbound call centers] as well as providing clients with information about products, schemes and so on [outbound call centers]. There are four main posts within the setup of a call centre and these are the posts of call center manager, call center agent, process associates and tele-call executives. The educational requirements for each of these posts share commonalities and differences.

  • A basic high school graduation degree is common to all posts of a call centre. Call centre agents can be recruited simply on the basis of their school performance and their fluency in English. Hence it can be safe to say that as far as call centre agents are concerned, work experience yields higher dividends in the job market than stress on formal education.
  • The same rules apply for a tele-marketer [outbound call centre agents]. A fresher with a good grasp of technical abilities and fluent in spoken English can apply for these posts. The ability to convince clients into buying a product, without being imposing, is an important trait that they have to inculcate and this can only be done through extensive work experience.
  • Process associates generally require a college degree. A Bachelor’s degree in commerce or business administration is a good option. Some, though, prefer to strengthen their resume with a Master’s degree in business administration. This is optional and can be left to the discretion of individual candidates.
  • As far as team leaders and managers are concerned, their work responsibilities make a formal education of good standing mandatory. A Master’s degree is a must in both posts, as these involve considerable coordination and technical acumen. Hence, the educational requirements of a call centre professional are varied and disparate.

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