What education is required to become an accountant

Accounting is a vast field and there are different positions available for accountants. Hence the educational requirements and skills also vary according to the complexity and duties one needs to perform as an accountant. There are many positions that one can choose from at the entry-level and for that one does not need too many high degrees. And there are some for which one must have a graduate degree and also certain certification which will give them the license to practice.

The various types of accounting jobs are bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivables, accounting assistants, chartered accountants, account managers etc and they are hired by various organizations. Based on the type of job one is applying for, the educational requirements and qualifications will have to be updated too to keep up with the competition in this lucrative field.

Here are a few educational options one can opt for to become an accountant:

  • There are some accountant jobs where one only needs an high school degree because there are very few responsibilities and one only needs to maintain the books and update financial records
  • Even at high school level you should take subjects like math, accounting, statistics etc to boost your analytical skills as if you want to be an accountant you must be very good and quick with numbers
  • To get a better paying job at this level, it is better if you get at least an associate degree which will give you training on how to be a bookkeeper, junior accountant or an accounting clerk
  • If you get bachelor’s degree in commerce background with one of the subjects being accounting, you can get more lucrative jobs like accountant or senior accountant and you also have the chance of becoming a manager as you get more experience
  • There are some who go for a master’s degree and that is a wise choice because once you have a master’s degree in accounting, a lot of opportunities open up and you can get more higher level jobs in this field
  • You can work as a controller, manager and can also apply for a license as a certified public accountant or a chartered accountant which is a high-paying respectable positing on accounting
  • If you are interested in the teaching line, then you should get a doctoral degree as it will give you a chance teaching accounting at universities and colleges and also pursue further research in this field

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