What education do you need for a career in advertising

Advertising is a career which offers a wide number of job positions depending on your skills, talents, interests and qualifications. There are some positions which specifically deal with the creative aspect where one has to come up with various innovative and interesting ways of promoting a product on behalf of the client and display it in a particular media like newspapers, magazines, radio or television.

There is an another aspect of advertising which involves in booking slots in these media so that you can choose the right place and time to promote a product or service which will have the maximum number of impact on the consumers and make them buy those products. The educational requirements for this job varies according to the position you want to work for but you must have some skills like creativity, good communication skills and research and analytical ability to make a mark in this field.

Here are a few courses you can study in order to get the education required for a career in advertising:

  • You should start working for your school magazine or work as an intern with various advertising agencies to get an idea of how it feels to work in the media and learn the basics of the job
  • If you want a job in copywriting, you should try to compose you jingles and other undertake any other creative venture in your school and college festivals
  • After you finish high school, you can either get a bachelor’s degree in English or Creative writing and then do an advertising course or you can do your bachelor’s course in advertising to get a more detailed knowledge
  • Many people also come from the background of MBAs and business management because sales and marketing also consist of an important part of advertising
  • There are many schools, colleges, online universities etc which provide courses in mass communication with specialization in advertising which will give you training on the creative aspects, the business areas and also hone your communication and presentation skills
  • You will be asked to create campaigns, work with clients under supervision or during internships, get the best possible slots for the advertisements and also observe your competition so that you can do something new and out of the box
  • Improve your writing skills by doing a creative writing course or take a film making course to expand your knowledge and increase your chances of getting a job

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