What College Requirements to Be a Pharmacist

The educational requirements to be a pharmacist, particularly at the college level, are quite extensive. Since the pharmacist needs to have thorough idea of the subject, college education is a must for him. The formal education must be combined with the necessary licenses and permits which will allow the pharmacist to operate and create job openings for him.

Pharmacists are usually associated with companies and large multinational medical chains. Accordingly, the college requirements to be a pharmacist will be quite challenging. Some of the points to be considered with regards to the same are as follows.

Educational requirements of a pharmacist:

  • An individual must complete at least two years of education at the undergraduate level before opting for pharmacy school. Usually students opt for more than two years of study and most choose the option of completing a bachelor’s degree program in a relevant subject like biology or physiology or chemistry. These subjects will make the foundations of the student strong and prepare him for the pharmacy course in a better manner than completing a bachelor’s degree in a completely unrelated subject.
  • Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy can only get you an entry level job. In order to progress in this career, you have to hold a doctorate degree in pharmacy which is also known as a Pharm D. degree. This takes about 4 years to complete and is quite a difficult course. The whole course will include in-depth study of areas like toxicology, patho-physiology, medicinal chemistry, disease treatment and so on.
  • Clinical training is also an essential part of training which is given to pharmacists at the college level. This is done through clerkships which allow a potential pharmacist to understand the technicalities of the work in a better manner. The combination of formal degree-based education and hands-on training work the best for an aspiring pharmacist.

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