What Are the Educational Requirements for Marketing

The educational requirements for a marketing job are comprehensive and specific. However, since the job profile is quite varied, the needs as far as education is concerned can also vary. Generally, formal education is given less priority in this field than work experience, but if the post demands, stringent educational criteria may also be established.

Since the marketing manager, which is the generalized post that individuals in the field of marketing and advertising aim at, is in charge of the entire marketing and advertising campaign for a particular product produced by a company, the minimum educational requirement is at least a bachelor’s degree in the subject.

Bachelor’s degree:

Individuals are required to complete a bachelor’s degree in marketing or advertising. This not only provides an understanding of the business aspect of the course, but also introduces the student to essential concepts like sales, marketing and advertising. There are a wide range of options to choose from as far as the institutes offering a course at the undergraduate level in marketing is concerned, but your college must be chosen with care since issues of placement and recruitment come into play.

A good marketing course at the undergraduate level will train the student in making concise and effective schemes and strategies for advertising a product. The course can also include specialization options like principles of management, business law, and business statistics and so on.

Master’s degree:

Though not really compulsory, a master’s degree can add a lot of value to your resume. This is often demanded by companies who want specific skill-sets from their employees. A master’s degree in business administration will also suffice since such a program will expose the student to principles of buyer motivation, market research, sales management, and advertising management and so on. This is an even more specialized area of study and can be incorporated in the scheme of education.

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