What Are the Educational Requirements for Financial Analyst?

A financial analyst is involved in unraveling and understanding the financial mechanism behind the running of a company or a corporation. They can be attached to a particular company or they can act as freelance financial analysts and consultants, extending their services to companies for a fee and for duration of time.

The educational requirements of a financial analyst are quite comprehensive involving a balance of both formal degree-based education as well as practical, experiential education in the form of projects, seminars, exchange programs, case studies and so on. Apart from formal education, work experience and genera awareness also play a key role in determining the worth of a financial analyst.

Educational Requirements of a Financial Analyst:

  • Since financial analysts predict the tendencies of stocks and bond by analyzing fiscal data, they need to have a solid background in finance. This can be obtained though undergraduate and post graduate study in the subject of finance or any other related subject like accountancy or economics. The individual must have a firm foundation in the basics of the subject like investment analysis, marketing, accounting, business law, managerial finance management and so on.
  • Post graduate degrees are increasingly becoming a necessity for financial analysts to progress in their job. Usually a post graduate degree or a Master’s in Business Administration is the preferred choice of students as it allows them to explore many options in the job market.
  • Professional certification and job licensure may also be needed, but this is specific to particular instances. Companies recruiting financial analysts may have their own specifications and these must be adhered to.

Thus the educational requirements of a financial analyst are manifold, and this must be complemented with adequate on-the-job training and experience. A well-rounded and holistic education can lead to professional success and job satisfaction.

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