What are the education requirements for a psychologist

A psychologist is someone who uses his skills and knowledge of human psychology to help a patient deal with various social and personal issues. He is different from a psychiatrist in the sense that the latter is a doctor and has to get medical training to diagnose and treat patients and it often requires rigorous study and training. A psychologist, on the other hand, also has a doctoral degree but he does it in the subject of psychology after he finishes his bachelor’s and master’s degree.

The educational qualifications and courses differ according to the branch of psychology one wants to pursue. There are many types of psychologists: clinical, animal, child, forensic, criminal, biological psychology and so on. All these areas deal with the study of behavior and provide therapy on how to handle these psychological issues better through counseling and moderate medicines.

Here are few educational requirements that must be fulfilled to become a psychologist:

  • You must study psychology at the undergraduate level or can do a bachelor’s degree in psychology after you finish your studies in another discipline
  • Once you finish you get your bachelor’s degree, you have to get a master’s degree in psychology and specialize in a particular area
  • If you want to practice as a psychologist, do further research in any topic in this field or want to pursue a teaching career, you need to have a doctoral degree in the form of PhD or Doctor of Philosophy or PsyD or Doctor of Psychology
  • The areas you can choose to get your doctoral degree can be varied and range from clinical psychology to counseling psychology. Some even choose to study animal psychology if you are interested in this area
  • You will finish these courses in a 5 years but after that you also need to get practical training as an intern for at least 2 years in most states before you can apply for a license
  • Some states want you to get supervised training or practice and only then can you get a license
  • If you are interested in therapy and counseling you should get a degree a clinical psychology and if you want to specifically deal with children, you can study child psychology
  • There are many who want to study criminal psychology which is very important in profiling criminals and they are hired by the federal departments or work as guest counselors to give their expert advice

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