What Are The Course Requirements For Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a field where one uses his skills and knowledge to help patients who suffer from any injury or illness leading to lack of mobility and pain in some part of their body. They employ various techniques for rehabilitation of the patients to make them more mobile and make their movements more fluid and less stiff.

Physical therapists especially play in big role in sports teams because there the players face many injuries. They also help patients who have undergone any accident or have conditions like arthritis that limits their mobility. In order to become a physical therapist, one needs to get academically trained and also get practical experience so that they can get their license or certification. Most programs have a combination of theoretical and practical education followed by supervised practice.

Here are a few courses that you select in order to become a physical therapist:

  • You should have an interest in science related subjects even in high school as a background in biology, chemistry and physics will help you later
  • You have to finish your undergraduate studies in science related subjects so that it is easier for you to pick up when you do your graduate studies
  • After that you must do your master’s degree in physical therapy which is called MPT and there are many institutes, colleges and universities which  offer these courses
  • Makes sure that the institute is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education
  • After your master’s degree, you need to get a doctoral degree or a doctor of physical therapy, also known as DPT
  • This is 3-year course during which you will receive get clinical experience in subjects like biomechanics, electrophysiology, movement science, neurological physical therapy etc and you can also specialize in a particular area
  • You have to clear the National Physical Therapy Examination to get certified

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