What are jobs in education administration

Education administration is a wide field where one works in the administrative department of an educational institution. By educational institution we mean nit only schools and colleges, but also any other place which takes the responsibility of educating the public or children in a particular area.

It can be a school, college, university, community, museums, zoo, child care centers etc and the primary responsibility of a person working there is to perform the duties of making sure that children and the community gets knowledge on a certain subjects and also receive a wholesome educational experience. Like any other office, an educational institution also has certain paperwork and clerical duties which must be taken care of to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization. These jobs fall under the category of education administration.

Here are a few jobs in this field that one can choose from:

  • One can work as the dean, principal or superintendent of a school where he can use his experience of teaching with that of his expertise in running an organization
  • These people have strong leadership skills and although they don’t interact with the students directly, they mainly deal with teachers and manage the school
  • People in this position can also be directly involved in the creation of the curriculum, preparing courses, syllabus and creating questions for examinations depending on the grades
  • They must be aware of the district rules, follow all the rules and regulations and ensure that they are followed by the teachers and other staff members and also monitor the performance of the teachers
  • They also reward any student who is doing well and choose to intervene when students have academic or behavioral problems
  • One can also work as a registrar who are mainly employed in universities and large institutes and they take care of all the processes related to the admission of students
  • There is also the dispatch department which sends the students their books, study materials or handles any other correspondence
  • Some of them also need to set the budget, meet the district politicians and hold meetings with the staff members for taking any future decision on academic matters
  • An education administrator also updates a student’s personal information, his academic records like his marks and performance in extracurricular activities
  • Some may work for museums, zoos or community programs and prepare leaflets educating youngsters about various issues like global warming, environmental conservation, drug abuse, history of the place and so on

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