Welding Inspector Education Requirements

Welding Inspector is required to assess the authenticity of the connections between the metals. These professionals make use of electrical tools and instruments for checking as to how well fixed and safe these connections are. It is essential to have complete knowledge about the use of these tools for checking these connections.

They need to see to it that only quality material is used to join or connect the metals. It is essential to acquire a relevant degree from an accredited college/ university if you are aspiring to become a welding inspector. Some amount of experience in this field is also essential.

Welding Inspector Education Requirements:

  • A High school diploma with good grades helps in attaining the position of a welding inspector. However, it is not essential to have this diploma.
  • There is no specific degree course that one needs to go for in order to become a welding inspector. There are certain sort term courses that you may opt for.
  • After attaining the high school diploma you may enroll for a formal training program that would help you become a welding inspector.

Welding Inspector Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • It is suggested to go for a course in wood shop after attaining a high school diploma if you intend to become a welding inspector.
  • You may also attend a course in drafting and molding
  • In order to become a certified welding inspector it is essential to attain certification from AWS which is the short for American Welding Society.

Welding Inspector Qualification and Training:

It is suggested to attend a formal training in welding from an accredited vocational school if you are aspiring to become a welding inspector.

Welding Inspector Colleges and Universities

Welding Inspector Wages and Salaries:

A Welding Inspector may earn around $ 52,000 each year. The salary of a welding inspector may vary depending upon the employer as well as the city one is employed in.

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