Welding Certificate Requirements

Due to the risky nature of the job of welding, most large corporations make it mandatory for individuals who apply in this work sector to possess certificates usually issued by the AWS or American Welding Society. This certificate shows that the individual in question has completed the education and practical training that is needed to cope with the rigors of the work. There are many requisites in order to obtain a welding certificate.

The standards for testing will be different depending on the position the welder will want to apply for. For example, welding certificate procedures are different for a welding educator and a welding inspector. This must be kept in mind while opting for a welding certificate. Other requirements are educational, health-related and practical.

Welding Certificate Education Requirements:

  • There are no specific educational requirements for a welder to obtain a welding certificate, but he must have completed at least an accredited welding program which will also provide him with a degree.
  • Experience is more important than education and therefore the welder must have worked in his field for a certain number of years under specific working conditions before he is eligible for the welding certificate.

Welding Certificate Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The following degrees and certificates must be obtained by the welder:

  • High school diploma or equivalent GED.
  • Associate degree in accredited welding program
  • Bachelor’s degree in welding technology
  • Certificate issued by AWS-accredited testing institution

Welding Certificate Qualification and Training:

Since welding is a technique and skill specific job, work experience is very important. The individual must be trained to robotic arc welding, welding fabricator, welding inspection and so on. This can be obtained through diploma courses and internship or factory experience.

Welding Certificate Colleges and Universities

Welding Certificate Wages and Salaries:

Such an individual receives a per annum salary of around 30,000 USD depending on his work and experience and the firm he is working with.

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