Weightlifting Education and Job Requirements

Weightlifting Requirements

Weightlifting is the field which requires constant muscle building and toning efforts as this whole game depends on that. A weightlifter must have good physique with strong muscles. He must have taken some sort of professional training in muscle building and cardio regimen. The candidate must have done it at school and college level along with some medals added to his profile. He needs to put in lot of efforts for constant growth in this profession. He must have experience about free weights, such as barbells and dumbbells, or about the weight machines.

Educational Requirements

  • Certificates in weightlifting and fitness related fields.
  • Must be well versed with different techniques used such as Incline dumbbell presses,  Flat dumbbell presses, crunches, reverse crunches,  One-arm dumbbell rows , Bent-over barbell rows,  Pull ups (cable pull downs),Free-weight squats, Dumbbell lunges,  Stiff-legged dead lifts, Standing barbell curls, Incline dumbbell curls, Lying overhead triceps extensions, Single-arm seated overhead triceps extensions, Flat bench triceps dips.
  • Must have done weight lifting at school or college level.
  • Must have some diploma or crash course about diet and nutritional requirement of a weight lifter.

Job Requirements

  • The applicant should have some previous work-related skill, knowledge, or experience in weightlifting along with physical fitness and required training to do weight lifting under a professional guidance.
  • Weightlifters are people with natural talent, good reflexes, and good coordination along with very strong muscles.
  • The applicant must be able to face severe competition, long hours of practice and they must be willing to travel whenever they have any competition or tournament.
  • Candidate must be capable to perform their best even under the hardest pressure.
  • He must have experience in playing at some good school or college level tournament. 

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