Wedding Planner Education Requirements

A wedding planner is a professional whose job is to plan a wedding and other ceremonies falling before and after it. Wedding planners work for clients and are responsible for taking care of all kinds of arrangements and preparations leading to the wedding. A wedding planner can either be self employed or may work for a wedding plan company.

In either case, he/she must possess the right balance of creativity, experience, education and skills to be able to perform well at this job.  Many institutes offer courses related to wedding planning and consulting and infact even online institutes are also offering such courses these days.  To know more about the education requirements for a wedding planner, you can read the following part of the article:

Wedding Planner Education Requirements

  • For anyone interested in becoming a wedding planner, high school education is a must.
  • There are several online courses which can be taken up to become a wedding planner or bridal consultant. These programs may also offer certification at the completion of the course.
  • One may also pursue wedding planner education through a correspondence course.
  • Apart from this, there are many workshops and training sessions available for individuals interested in this kind of work.

Wedding Planner Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The following are the courses, certifications and degrees etc which can be pursued by all those who wish to become professional wedding planners.

  • The first and most basic requirement is to have a high school certificate from a recognized school.
  • One may take up a 4 year degree program in Bachelor of Science in hospitality management as well to enter this field of work.
  • One can learn about the art of wedding planning by enrolling into a community college as well.  It may take 2 years of education to complete an associate degree at a community college.

Wedding Planner Qualification and Training

To be a good wedding planner, one needs creativity, skills, knowledge of ongoing themes and trends and a lot of experience and training.  These skills and training can be acquired by working under a trained wedding planner.  All wedding planners must possess business management skills, time management skills, communication skills and skills of sales and marketing as well.

Wedding Planner Colleges and Universities

Wedding Planner Wages and Salaries

The salary of a wedding planner is mainly dependent upon the kinds of client and projects he/she bags but on an average, the salary is around $100000 per annum.

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