Wedding Photographer Education Requirements

The wedding photographer education is part of the overall training process that one must go through in order to be established in this filed. A wedding photographer does not require a formal education from any college or university; however, it is very important to know the technical aspect of the photography art and the camera equipment. There are various degree courses available that can be chosen to strengthen the theoretical base of the aspiring photographer. The wedding photography requires intense training either through interning under established photographer or through certain vocational courses that are offered.

The wedding photographer also requires dealing with the commercial aspect of this field which includes handling clientele and establishing business contacts. For this purpose, he or she can take up courses on business management or other such courses for an advantage. Colleges and universities do offer degrees in photography.

Wedding Photographer Educational Requirements:

  • A completion of education in high school is required. There is no absolute need to meet high percentage in the GPA. The candidate must ensure a minimum average in all subjects.
  • Colleges over courses in photography that the candidate can choose in order to gain the required knowledge. This will be helpful during training and while on-the-job
  • Various Institutes offer professional wedding photography courses which candidates can select if they wish to strengthen their foundations further.
  • Various institutes offer diplomas in wedding photography in particular which the candidates can choose if he has decided on his career field.

Wedding Photographer Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • High school degree with a minimum GPA average
  • Bachelor’s in any stream or specifically in Photography
  • Professional degree in Wedding Photography
  • Certification in Wedding Photography, Still-Life Editing, Equipment Management etc

Wedding Photographer Qualifications and Training:

As it has been stated earlier, the wedding photographer must have proper training before he can be established in this field. There are internships offered by renowned photographers which the candidate must be aware of and pursue. Besides this, there are seminars, workshops and training courses that specially focus on ensuring that the aspiring candidate is thoroughly familiarized and updated about the various available camera equipment and techniques.

Wedding Photographer Colleges and Universities:

Wedding Photographer Wages and Salaries:

The average wedding photographer earns around $25,000 per annum. Those who wish to work at higher rates can go freelance. There is also a matter of experience which increases the rates significantly for the wedding photographer.

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