Wedding Consultant Education Requirements

Nowadays, wedding consultants are required to plan a wedding occasion from start to finish. This profession is almost equivalent to event management, the only difference lying in the fact that event managers physically take up this job whereas wedding consultants provide advice and communicate their plans to the clients through conversation. Wedding consultancy is a vast arena which includes everything from calculating the expected expenses to deciding the theme and venue of the wedding. It is important to master the theoretical base of the job as weddings must be planned keeping the sensibilities and interests of the client in mind. Educational degree in this course always helps the candidate to conceive plans faster and advise professionally. This task is, though, made easier by a standard level of training in wedding planning and management.

Wedding Consultant Education Requirements

  • An aspiring wedding consultant must complete his or her high school education and then decide his or her next course of action.
  • The next course of action should preferably be a college education followed by a university or post-graduation degree in the subject.
  • Even if one has not done his or her bachelor in this subject, one can still pursue it as a diploma course from a distant university.

Wedding Consultant Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The degrees to be obtained by a wedding consultant are very simple and are given here. However, it must be remembered that exposure and field training is indispensable for this job.

  • Bachelors in any subject, science or humanities
  • Diploma in event management or wedding planning or bridal consultancy
  • Certification course in wedding consultancy

Wedding Consultant Qualifications and Training

The limitation of the academic prerequisites of this job is compensated by prior training experiences in the same. Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants (ACPWC) is a government recognised body providing training and certification to prospective wedding consultants through tests and assessments.

Wedding Consultant Colleges and Universities

Wedding Consultant Wages and Salary

The range of salary varies from $13,000 to $70,000 on the basis of the number of years of consultancy service, association with prominent weddings and usability of opinion.

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