Watch Technician Education and Job Requirements

Watch Technician Requirements

As the title of the job suggests, a watch technician is concerned about repairing various types of watches of different brands. He/she needs to know about the numerous details about the mechanical working of a watch. The focus of a watch technician is identifying the fault in the functioning of a watch and mending it with the available tools. A person who does the work of a watch technician is either employed in a watch company or does his/her job as a freelancer. The details of the education and the job requirements for a watch technician are mentioned below.

Education requirements:

  • Although there is no requirement of any formal education to become a successful watch technician but a high school diploma can sharpen the analytical senses and skills of the candidate.
  • Certified training in watch-repairing from an accredited institute would be very beneficial for the interested applicant.
  • Some sort of associate degree in watch repairing would be helpful and definitely be an added advantage to be seriously considered for the job.

Job requirements:

  • A minimum experience of 12 to 18 months working as a watch technician in a reputed agency or as an appreciated freelancer.
  • Must be skillful about using a loupe to scrutinize the technical faults of watch.
  • Should have knowledge about the features of various brands of watches.
  • Must be accurate in estimating the costs of repairing the watch.
  • Should document the day to day business activities.
  • Must be hard-working and meet deadlines.

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