Warehouse Specialist Education and Job Requirements

Warehouse Specialist Requirements

A warehouse specialist looks after the warehousing facilities of a firm. His responsibilities include ensuring the quality of the warehouse, maintaining appropriate safety standards, replenishing the inventory periodically, and increasing the effective usage of a warehouse. Being a Warehouse specialist is a specialized job and involves working knowledge of warehouse management. A warehouse specialist is accountable for the appropriate inventory storage both in terms of quality and quantity, receipt and despatch of inventory with proper book keeping, and overseeing the responsibilities of other warehouse clerks or assistants. The education requirements and job requirements of a warehouse specialist are described below in detail.

Education Requirements:

  • Ideally, one aspiring to become a warehouse specialist should be a post graduate in operations management with specialization in warehouse management.
  • Alternatively candidates can possess knowledge in materials management, logistics, supply chain, etc through training programs providing certification in the same.
  • A few years of exposure can be handy during the initial months to understand the nature and requirements of the work.
  • Students can take up full-time, part-time, or internship in the warehouse departments of any firm and learn how the role of warehouse specialist is performed.

Job Requirements:

  • Candidates must possess knowledge of materials management like receipt and dispatch of materials from the warehouse and must maintain appropriate book keeping of the same.
  • Candidates must evaluate the inventory and report for discrepancies, defects, or damages.
  • Candidates are expected to have good team skills with good decision making ability.
  • The candidate must have good organising skills.

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