Warehouse Shift Supervisor Education and Job Requirements

Warehouse Shift Supervisor Requirements

The nature of work of the warehouse shift supervisor is mainly administrative. The professional oversees the functions of the subordinates both on the technical and administrative fronts. The warehouse shift supervisor needs to work in an extremely dynamic environment and often requires allocating pertinent responsibilities to the individual staffs in a particular department of the warehouse. He/she has one of the prime tasks of neatly scheduling the work shifts of various staffs. The warehouse shift supervisor has to formulate administrative policies and implement those in an optimized manner in regards to the functioning of the warehouse.

Education requirements:

  • A high school diploma in any stream with decent grades.
  • An under-graduate degree from a reputed college in the stream of supply chain management or administrative studies or in any subject closely related to this field.
  • A master’s degree in supply chain management or in a subject closely related to this field from a good university.
  • Certified training in warehouse related assignments from an accredited institute would heavily work in favor of the interested applicant.

Job requirements:

  • A minimum experience of at least 3 to 4 years in a reputed agency in a supervisory role.
  • Must possess good coordination and leadership skills as the work needs managing of a team of subordinates.
  • Should have an analytic bend of mind in order to evaluate the performance and potential of the warehouse staffs and allocate them relevant responsibilities.
  • Must be accurate in inspecting the detailed records of the inventory stock movements.

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