Warehouse Forklift Operator Education and Job Requirements

Warehouse Forklift Operator Requirements

The principal job of a warehouse forklift operator is to oversee the shifting or the transfer of goods and materials from one location to another. The warehouse forklift operator has to oversee the various details of the loading of goods and also their unloading at strategic points and as per the instructions laid down by the specific order. On certain occasions, he/she works in a team and coordinates with the other members in completing an assignment. The organized management of supplies is based on the warehouse forklift operator being functional. The loading shipyard docks and the airports employ such professionals.

Educational requirements:

  • A high school diploma from a reputed educational institute in any stream with decent grades.
  • A graduate degree is not required but an associate diploma in forklift operations would be an added advantage for the interested applicant.
  • Certified training in forklift activities from an accredited institution is a big plus.

Job requirements:

  • A minimum experience of at least 12 to 15 months in a reputed agency or a renowned company as a warehouse forklift operator.
  • Must possess ample expertise in applying the mechanical technologies required for processing any forklift activity efficiently.
  • Should be dynamic enough to meet the deadlines and achieve the set targets of the projects.
  • Must be able to accurately verify the order details and comply with the norms of the regulatory framework.
  • Should possess expertise in performing proper inspection of the machineries of the forklift.
  • Should be a good team-worker.

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