Warehouse Coordinator Education and Job Requirements

Warehouse Coordinator Requirements

A warehouse coordinator serves as a link between the warehousing department and other related departments in a firm like production, distribution, sales, etc. Depending on the quantity of production, expected demand in the market, and capacity of the firm the warehouse coordinator has to stock materials, sort the inventory every day, apply stocking and sorting techniques for effective inventory usage, and ensure streamlined operations of the warehouse. The education requirements are specialized and are discussed below along with job requirements.

Education Requirements:

  • Employers prefer to hire candidates having post-graduation in Master of Business Administration (MBA) with specialised education in operations.
  • Candidates must be academically excellent and should have hands on experience in warehouse design and management.
  • Applicants aspiring to become warehouse coordinators should work in firms through internships and get introduced to different roles and conditions of a warehouse.

Job Requirements:

  • A warehouse coordinator is responsible for any discrepancy, theft, or mismanagement of the warehouse.
  • The candidate should have good interpersonal skills as he or she has to coordinate with other departments of the firm frequently during work.
  • The candidate should take note of all good brought in or send out of the warehouse.
  • The warehouse coordinator must ensure that safety conditions are prevailed in the warehouse.
  • He or she must know how to read the changing demand conditions and adjust the level of inventory in the warehouse appropriately.
  • Candidates should assign tasks and shifts to warehouse labourers and warehouse assistants for the smooth functioning of the warehouse department.

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