Vocational Specialist Education and Job Requirements

Vocational Specialist Requirements

The vocational specialist has the focus to improve the abilities of the persons with mental or physical disabilities and involve them into productive occupations that would increase their self-esteem and also help them to earn their living, becoming self-dependent. The evaluation of the persons needing consulting advices is done in a detailed manner by the vocational specialist and a correspondence is performed on a regular basis. The vocational specialist works for either a private hospital or medical center or for a government run hospital. The professional also interacts with the family members of the person in need of vocational help. The detailed points in regards to the education and job requirements for this particular post are laid down below that may prove to be helpful for a recruiter.

Education requirements:

  • An under-graduate degree in vocational studies or social work or any similar field with decent grades from a reputed institute is compulsory.
  • A post-graduate degree in social work or vocational studies from a reputed institute with at least second class grades is a must.
  • Certified training in vocational training related modules is a plus.

Job requirements:

  • A minimum experience of at least 2 years in a renowned organization.
  • Having excellent coordination skills so that the interactive sessions with the persons needing vocational training/help become interesting.
  • Should possess ample expertise in synchronizing the different agencies to the various needs of the persons seeking vocational support.
  • Must have excellent documentation skills to record the case studies for a deeper qualitative analysis.

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