Vision Mixer Education and Job Requirements

Vision Mixer Requirements

Vision Mixer is a very creative field which is an essential part of television and cinema industry. They are required to work upon various type of images such as digital image, various camera angles, graphics and digital effects and then combine them in to a smooth and easy transition of picture. They coordinate with the directors in mixing the images as per the requirement of the presentations. They work across all fields of television programs, which are either transmitted live, recorded as live, or pre-recorded in any multi-camera environment in studios or during Outside Broadcasts (OBs). In the studio-based programs, Vision Mixers work in the Production Gallery, on OBs they are based in the mobile Production Gallery in the OB.

Educational Requirements

  • The applicant should have a degree in a media related or specialist subject which may provide some useful background information.
  • One must have extensive knowledge about the production process.
  • Technical expertise in color technology and mixing platform is must.
  • Training and some courses on specific platform used in vision technology can be useful.

Job Requirements

  • He must have good communication skill along with good interpersonal skill.
  • Must have knowledge of variety of production backgrounds, including creative (Graphics), administrative (PAs and Secretaries), and technical (Camera, VT Operators).
  • Total experience of 2-3 years is necessary.
  • They should have high level of stamina and they must be able to coordinate and work with various vision mixing equipments handled by the team.
  • They must be calm and would be willing to work under pressure.
  • They should be highly creative in their work.

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