Virologist Education Requirements

Virologists are those individuals whose job is to study viruses in humans, insects, animals, plants, fungi etc. These professionals generally work in teaching and research fields and even work as science writers. Virologists are responsible for developing new medications and study various issues such as viral pathology, emerging viruses and viral replication etc.

To become a virologist, one has to fulfill several educational requirements and undergo training as well. A detail of these educational qualifications have been given below for your reference.

Virologist Education Requirements

An aspiring virologist must fulfill the following given educational requirements in order to realize their goal:

  • The first and most basic requirement is to pursue high school education from a recognized school. One must opt for science based subjects during school to be able to pick Virology as a field in the future.
  • Bachelor’s degree in biology, biochemistry, chemistry or any other related course is also a must requirement.
  • After this, one also has to pursue masters in Virology and this course deals with subjects such as animal viruses, general virology, bacteriology and human viruses.

Virologist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The following are some of the degrees, courses, certifications etc which one has to pursue in order to become a virologist:

  • High school diploma from an accredited school is a compulsory requirement for anyone who wants to be a virologist.
  • Bachelors in a science related subject preferably a subject such as Biology, chemistry, biochemistry is also a must.
  • Master’s in Virology is also a course which one must consider to become a virologist.
  • Summer internship after completing graduation is also a useful way to gain firsthand experience in the field.

Virologist Qualification and Training

Besides formal education, any candidate who is interested in becoming a Virologist must also gain some training and experience as well. Pursuing internship during graduation or during the masters program can help the candidate gain the much needed experience and training.  Apart from this, the candidate can also take up a research based job or training program during the summer between two courses or degree programs.

Virologist Colleges and Universities

Virologist Wages and Salaries

The average annual salary of a person who is working as a Virologist is around $122000. The salary of the candidate also varies depending upon various factors like qualifications and experience of the candidate, type of job profile, place of employment and others.

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