Video Game Tester Education Requirements

A video game test is responsible for testing games to determine whether the games have any flaws or bugs. This job requires the person to test and verify every aspect of the game and ensure that it works according to specifications. In addition, a video game test has to write reports about problems associated with game play and programming bugs, so that game developers can fix the issues before the game hits the market.

Typically, video game companies consider video game testers as entry level employees, but there are many other video game companies that want their tests to have advanced technical skills. Hence, having a college or university degree in video game or related field is extremely beneficial.

Video Game Tester Education Requirements

The following are the education requirements to become a video game tester:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Associate degree
  • Master’s degree, though it is not mandatory
  • Certification in quality control is an added advantage

Video Game Tester Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Here are some degrees, courses and certifications that a person wanting to become a video game tester can choose from:

  • BS in Game Design
  • BS in Game Development
  • BS in Game Art
  • BS in Simulation and Game Programming
  • Bachelor’s degree in Game Programming
  • BFA in Game Production
  • BFA in Visual Communications – Game Design
  • Associate degree in Interactive Media
  • Master’s degree in Computer Animation
  • Certificate in 3D Modeling for Games
  • Certificate in Quality Assurance by American Society of Quality is an added benefit

Video Game Tester Qualifications and Training

Most employers want video game testers, who have thorough knowledge of video games and also love video games. A video game tester should know how to use different game consoles and be able to test different game genres. A video game tester should be able to verify that each game type fits into its specific genre. Such professionals should be aware of the latest game trends and they can do this by reading industry magazines and blog, checking out new game releases and finding out which games are preferred by different demographics.

In addition, having technical training is an advantage and this can be done by studying for an undergraduate degree in a technical field. Video game testers will benefit from conducting beta test for new games to build up their resume. In addition, such professionals need to have excellent communication skills, writing skills, keen eye for details and be self-motivated.

Video Game Tester Colleges and Universities

Video Game Tester Wages and Salary

The average salary for a video game tester is about $49,000 per year. This can change with higher education, size of the company, geographical location and experience.

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