Video Game Artist Education Requirements

A Video game artist is a professional who works alongside video game developers, design team, production and marketing to create new video games. These individuals make use of computer programs and software to create animations, environments, characters and user interfaces.   Video game artists may either work on freelance basis or may be employed at video game developing companies or software firms.  To be employed in the field of video game artist, one must have the right education, ample amount of experience and also creative skills and qualities.

To know more about the requirements and other qualifications needed to become a video game artist, you can read the following given information:

Video Game Artist Education Requirements:

  • A candidate wants to become a video game artist must pass high school education from an accredited school.
  • Bachelor’s degree is not a compulsory requirement but may be needed for higher level positions.
  • These candidates must possess sound knowledge of computer systems, software, graphic design, game design, illustration and other such related things.

Video game artist Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

To become a video game artist, one must fulfill the following given degree, courses and certification related requirements:

  • High school diploma or certification from an accredited school is a must.
  • Bachelor’s degree in graphic design, game design or a related field or subject is preferred even though it is not a compulsory requirement.
  • Short term diploma course or certificate course in game design, graphic design, illustration, animation, color design or a related area may prove handy and useful.
  • Courses in 3 dimensional modelling or animation may also be required in some cases.

Video game artist Qualification and Training:

Apart from the degree or certification courses mentioned above, an equal amount of training and experience too can be very helpful and may help the candidate move forward in the career and meet the many challenges associated with it. A few months of diploma courses or training at a video game company or a freelance job can equip the candidate with the required experience.

The artist can train himself in Adobe imaging software, Flash, Maya or Illustrator by taking courses or by self-studying.


Video game artist Colleges and Universities:

Video game artist Wages and Salaries:

A Video game artist can expect to earn an annual average salary of $64470.  This figure may depend upon the exact field or company of employment and the kind of duties the artist has to fulfil.


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