Video Game Animator Education Requirements

A Video game animator is a professional working in the animation industry and mainly deals with the animation within video games.  This field of computer animation focusses on game design and the other interactive aspects of animation.  Any person working as a video game animator combines both artistic skills and technical knowledge to create animated environments and characters for video games.  A video game animator also showcases story telling skills and has to take care of several aspects including lighting, texture, movement and movie production. To become a video game animator, a person has to fulfil several education and other requirements. The following is a detailed description of these requirements.

Video Game Animator Education Requirements:

  • A candidate who wants to be a video game animator must first complete high school education and get a high school diploma certificate from an accredited school.
  • Game animators often possess bachelor’s degree but in some cases, those without formal education too can be hired.
  • Some of the diploma courses which too may suffice for this position include graphic design, animation and illustration.

Video game animator Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The following are some of the other degree, course and certification requirements which a video game animator aspirant must fulfil.

  • High school diploma from an accredited or recognized school is mandatory.
  • Bachelor’sdegree in game design or animation is often preferred but is not a compulsory requirement.
  • Diploma courses in animation, graphic design, game design, illustration or Abode can also prove useful for this position of work.
  • Courses which equip one in movie production, lighting, textures, storytelling and movement can also come handy.

Video game animator Qualification and Training:

It is true that education or degree/diploma courses are important to get a basic understanding of the technicalities associated with animation but besides these qualifications, a person also needs practical training and an ample amount of experience before becoming a video game animator for a company or as a freelancer. To gain this training, one can either practice animation or get a position as a trainee at a good and reputed company. The experience can go a long way to a successful career.


Video game animator Colleges and Universities:

Video game animator Wages and Salaries:

On an average, any person working as a video game animator can expect to earn an annual median salary of $71354. The exact salary depends on the company of work or the number of projects completed in a year.


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